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Rotobrush BrushBeast

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Our duct cleaning experts use the Rotobrush BrushBeast to remove dust, dander, pollutants, and micbrobes that make your indoor air unhealthy.

A Few Reasons Why the BrushBeast is Best Duct Cleaning Solution

  • Advanced Patented Design
    The BrushBeast has been designed for ease-of-use to ensure that it is easy to maneuver throughout any home. Its sleek design allows for maximum efficiency while accessing attics and crawl spaces. Which means we can clean your ducts that much faster and more efficiently!

  • Hose And Brush System
    With 450 rpm's of power, even the heaviest of debris doesn't stand a chance against the BrushBeast. The rotating cable is enclosed within the hose, so it can be used with every type of duct application, including flexible ductwork! The powerful vacuum system quickly collects the debris which are not released back into the air. This combination ensures your home's air ducts are thoroughly cleaned every time.

  • Vacuum Motors
    the BrushBeast is equipped with a total of 4 vac motors! When compared to industry standard duct cleaning systems there is an increased vacuum power of 90%.

Watch The BrushBeast In Action

The Brushbeast in action is a sight to behold. Its four powerful vacuum motors, paired with its 450 RPM 120/220V brush motor, make short work of even the most difficult air duct cleaning job, while still remaining safe to use with any type of air duct, including flex ducts.

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Dryer Vent Services

If you are in need of dryer vent cleaning, maintenance, installation or replacement call your local experts at Home Comfort Systems Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.

Dryer vent cleaning services

How to tell if your dryer vent needs cleaning?

Long Drying Cycle – Modern dryers are designed to dry clothes in a single cycle. If your clothes are taking 2, 3, or even 4 cycles to dry, you most likely have a clogged dryer vent. Many people assume this means that they need a new dryer, but in reality, a proper vent cleaning often solves this problem and returns your dryer to perfect working order!

Hot Laundry Room Or Dryer – While a dryer is supposed to put out heat, it is not supposed to put out so much heat that is makes the laundry room hot and humid. If your laundry room is getting hot every time you dry your clothes, the problem could be a clogged vent.

Lint On The Floor Around The Vent – If your dryer is “leaking” dryer lint or depositing it anywhere other than in the lint trap, it is likely that you have a damaged or clogged dryer vent. A dryer vent is designed to vent all the hot air and lint out of the home — if it is leaving lint on the floor, something is not working properly.