Air Conditioning Service, Repair and Installation Cross Hill, South Carolina

Home Comfort Systems is one of the leading providers of air conditioning repair and air conditioning service in Cross Hill, SC, offering timely solutions to problems related to your air conditioning system. Our HVAC technicians will come to your rescue when you want emergency AC service or repair, or just need a hand with your residential or commercial cooling problems.

You'll find we take our job seriously and highly value the trust that is placed in us. Home Comfort Systems goes far beyond what others do by investing in the training and equipment necessary to protect your home or family in Cross Hill, SC. Whether you have a central AC system, Heat Pump or Ductless Mini Split we are here to help.

AC is not cooling. Added refrigerant.

Summerset Bay Dr CROSS HILL, SC

AC is not cooling. Unit has a leak. Added refrigerant and cleaned the coil.

Shuttle Road CROSS HILL, SC

Installed a 4 ton Goodman heat pump w/a Mortex furnace and coil.

Pucketts Ferry Rd CROSS HILL, SC

Installed a 4 ton Goodman heat pump w/a 15kw Mortex furnace.

Harris Springs Rd CROSS HILL, SC

Installed a Goodmand heat pump w/Mortex furnace and coil

Harris Springs CROSS HILL, SC

Replaced water pressure switch supplied by customer and cleared a clog in the water line.

Summerset Bay Drive CROSS HILL, SC

AC is not cooling. Customer needs new t-stat but declined to replace it.

South Cook St CROSS HILL, SC

AC is not cooling. Replaced the motor module (parts warranty). Unit is working properly.

Summer Set Bay CROSS HILL, SC

AC is not cooling. Unit is low on charge. Added refrigerant to system and replaced thermostat at customers request. Unit is operating properly.

Shuttle Road CROSS HILL, SC

AC is not cooling. Unit is low on charge. Added refrigerant to system and unit is operating properly.

Tomachichi Rd CROSS HILL, SC

AC is not cooling. Cleaned coils and had to add refrigerant. Unit is working properly.

Island Ford Road CROSS HILL, SC

AC had started freezing up. Found a contactor bad. Replaced contactor under warranty.

Pineland Shores Cir CROSS HILL, SC

AC is running all the time but not cooling. Tightened all valves and fittings, leak searched. Added 6lbs of 410A. Unit is working properly.

Summerset Bay Dr CROSS HILL, SC